Rigging a iPhone Cable - Mechropair

General / 27 August 2019

As part of my work for Mechropair I was responsible for the modelling, texturing and rigging of a 30 pin iPhone cable. The first two steps were fairly straight forward, however having little experience with rigging anything but characters using a IK rig before I had to do some research before I could complete a useable rig for the cord. This also involved some trial and error. Initially I attempted to simply turn the cord into and nCloth and attach it to the plug at the end. This method was not very effective unfortunately as turning the cord into an nCloth cause it to collapse in on itself, loosing its shape.

Ultimately I ended up using a combination of two online tutorials to create the rig (one of which was in spanish). This method involved creating joints for the the cord attaching those joints to a IK Spine Handle, Binding the Mesh to the Joints and then attching the plug to the end. After all that I then placed controllers on the rig to make it easy for the animator to use.

Below is an example of the rig at work: