Producing In the Drink a Graduate Film

Work In Progress / 27 August 2019

In May of this year I was lucky enough to be able become the producer on the Griffith Film School Graduate Film, In the Drink. This film is to be a 2D animated film with the concept being created by fellow student Ashley Henry, a 2D animator and concept artist. As a 3D focused asset modeller this was a new endevour for me as while I have studied and created 2D animation before I had never been involved in the creation of anything on the level that would be required for this project.

In the Drink is a 3 minute long short film,  revolving around a washed up bar tender named Tony that inadvertently runs into a merman as he tries to make his way back to land. With a 70s vibe and tone it is an interesting project to be involved in and it has become rewarding to watch as the film evolves through the production.

As the producer one of the first things I did was starting to create a filing system, and develop file naming conventions. This turned into a Production Management documentation which ended up containing all the background information for animators and other contributors on the project. some excerpts can be seen below. As the project continues I will continue to update as new developements are made