Larger Props - Mechropair

General / 27 August 2019

Two of the large Props that I have created for this project are a free standing world globe and a old style beaker with stand. Both of these models were created in Maya and then textured in substance painter. For the globe I intial thought I would run into more difficulties than I did. This was because I was worried about being about to texture the globe as when UV unwrapping with a single line the UV would be distorted at the top and bottom, however I quickly realised that this was actually exactly what I wanted. As world maps are distorted to make them lay flat, when applying this distorted map back to the sphere this distortion is actually neutalised making the final result look exactly how you would want a world globe to appear. To top it off the stock unwrapping that is appled to sphere in Maya worked perfectly, only needing to be scaled a little bit to fit the map.

The beaker took a bit longer to make and I am not sure if the glass turned out how I would have liked it. I am pretty happy with the rest of the model though.