Mechropair student film - Prop and Asset modeller

In 2019 I was involved with the creation of a number of assets for the student film Mechropair produced at Griffith University. My involvement included the design, modelling and texturing of a number of props designed to fit into the space of a antique shop. Some of the props I created include: Various Books, a 1950s bank lamp, teacup and saucer, desk top calendar, and a world globe. 

Below are some stills from the film showing my props in action


The above two images show off the desk calendar and cogs I created using a combination of substance painer and Maya. One of the books I created can also be seen to the first still.


Above: some of the cogs I designed, modelled and textured can be seen on shot.


This still shows a stack of books I created using a combination of Maya and Substance painter, on the desk is a 1950s bank lamp and a tea cup and saucer, and On the far bench (where the character is) another of the books I created can be seen, this one is open as well as a beaker and stand up against the far wall.

This is a small segment from the film. It show the iphone cable I modelled, rigged and textured in use.